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Empower. Educate. Endow

Our Mission

S.H.Evolve Inc. empowers economically disadvantaged, minority youth girls through self awareness, personal development, career preparation, and financial literacy.

Our vision is to improve low socioeconomic statuses of ALL disadvantaged girls; preventing recurring generational cycles.


S.H.Evolve Inc. understands that identifying our own strengths, weaknesses, and current challenges create opportunities for personal growth.

Mirrors is a program that allows girls to self-reflect and recognize their own character, feelings, and desires. We assist by embracing opportunities for positive change and providing optimal support catering to individualized needs. Continuous evaluations are used to measure progress.


(Maximizing Individual Confidence & Skills)

S.H.Evolve Inc. assists in building girls' self-esteem and optimizing potentials.


M.I.C.S curriculum is utilized to assess each girl's individual skills and qualities, consider their path of pursuit, and set goals to maximize their potentialities.

 We assist in self esteem building by allowing girls to define their own success,

keeping track of accomplishments,

celebrating their strengths,

and emphasizing commitment to goals.

" Self-esteem affects one's ability to succeed"

Gaining through Giving

S.H.Evolve Inc. is committed to serving our community and teaching girls the value in giving back. 

Through participating in community service opportunities, girls gain fundamental soft skills that are necessary for career success and relationship building.


Financing My Future

S.H.Evolve  Inc. is dedicated to helping girls secure their future through teaching financial literacy.

Funding My Future is an initiative that's geared towards teaching girls how to manage their money and plan for the future. Girls will also be equipped with knowledge on business management and entrepreneurship.


During the matriculation of our program, girls will be provided with opportunities to earn and accumulate capital. Upon successfully completing our program, girls will receive and utilize the earned capital towards:

1. Educational Funding (Scholarship)

2. Starting a Business

3. Investments

4. Resources assisting in furthering success

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Leaders of S.H.Evolve Inc.

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