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Dr. Tiffany James

(Founder and President)

Tiffany James was born and raised in the city of Jacksonville, Florida. Upon graduating high school, she received a diploma and an Associate of Arts degree, from Florida State College at Jacksonville through The Early College Program at Robert E. Lee High School; a program funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, assisting in furthering the education of disadvantaged students. She went on to receive her Doctorate of Pharmacy degree from Florida A&M University.

   In the midst of her success, Tiffany has overcome many obstacles. Her testimony entails how she overcame domestic abuse which started at the age of 17, dealt with struggles of becoming a teenage mother, and prevailing over challenges as a single parent.

Tiffany utilizes her story to empower and motivate young minority women in her community. She never allowed life's hardships to limit her dreams, goals, and aspirations. She has leveraged from those obstacles by positively cultivating her own character, fostering relationships within her community, and guiding underserved youth in a positive direction towards success. Tiffany’s desire is to lead as many disadvantaged girls as possible on a path to personal and professional success. She is known for being a strong leader that loves giving back to her community.

Tiffany resides in Tampa, Florida with her husband and 3 beautiful children whom she enjoys spending time with. She loves to travel and experience new adventures.

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