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    S.H.Evolve Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded in Tampa, FL by Dr. Tiffany James on January 1, 2020. S.H.Evolve Inc. was established due to the lack of local programs promoting positive development of young minority girls and further assisting in improving low socioeconomic status through financial literacy; preventing reoccurring cycles of poverty. S.H.Evolve is expressive for Seeing. Her. Evolve., which illustrates the evolution of young disadvantaged, minority girls transitioning into strong, successful individuals. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that all girls become successful, productive citizens and secure their future by leveraging knowledge on finances and personal development.

  Our founder, Dr. Tiffany James, grew a passion for helping others after experiencing several adverse events during an early part of her life. Utilizing her own journey as inspiration, Tiffany decided to start an organization that convoluted her two greatest passions, helping others and bettering the community. She believes that with guidance, our youth's new dispositions will result in the minimization of negative outcomes.

   S.H.Evolve Inc. offers a structured mentorship program that assists youth girls, starting from middle school through the completion of high school. Continuous monitoring of improvement will be assessed through evaluation, achievement of goals, and post analysis. Upon graduating from our program, girls will be equipped with principle fundamentals that are pivotal in lifelong success. Girls will also receive earned capital; further assisting in future endeavors. Girls will gain exposure through positive experiences providing motivation that encourages favorable outcomes.


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